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Financing the next Fuji kit

Starting to move a couple items to make space and cash for Fuji gear:
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Sony vs. Fuji vs. Sony

Over the last six weeks a subjective camera system review took place. This comparison wasn't planned but instead presented itself when some free time for photography intersected with a borrowed camera. The result was a few shooting sessions with my Sony NEX-6 followed by a few shooting sessions with a borrowed Fujifilm EX-2 followed by a few more shooting sessions with my NEX-6.
The Setup I've owned the NEX-6 with 16-50mm kit lens for a few years. I chose it when I was shopping for a small electronic viewfinder (EVF) camera. It is my Goldilocks camera. Small enough to carry. Large enough to outperform a compact. Until recently I didn't use it all that often. Other than the rubber viewfinder cup going AWOL (a common loss for this model) it has performed as advertised.

For a couple weeks a friend was gracious enough to offer for lend a Fujifilm EX-2 with 18-55mm kit lens. There were plenty of rumors about the greatness of the X series of cameras and I was curious.

Over the …

Direction Change

A few of my many photo gear images have been posted to Motivated by the many times that I've not been able to find images of the more obscure camera gear, I decided to post from the catalog of eBay sold item images I have collected.

After Stars at Tugboat Annie's

After Monday evening racing the BISF group usually meets at Tugboat Annie's for a burger, beer, and conversation. The evening was near perfect and I snapped quite a few shots on the sail back to the marina. While waiting for my meal I noticed this fine view, pushed my camera up against the glass, and let my camera soak it in.

Looking North up Budd Inlet from Tugboat Annie's with my latest disposable, a 2.1 Megapixel Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom.


Value is relative. Today's blog may be of relatively little value. I present it, if no other reason, to entertain myself.

As a photographer I like to include images with my blog posts. Sometimes the verbage is created as an excuse to show off an image. But no image is included in today's blog to help demonstrate the value that images can add. My other blog is centered on Star boat racing. I'd like the reader to take a brief overview of my latest Star blog entry and then please return to this monolog.

The image of my pal Andy sailing the Star doesn't fit the text of the blog. Andy didn't steer during the races. The image was taken while sailing towards the racing area. It could have been of a stranger sailing on the other side of the country. But it creates value to the article by, from the top, anchoring the readers mind on a racing sailboat.

My photo geek personality finds incredible irony in the gear that we used to make images that evening. A free Sony Mavica FD75…

The Star Newbie

Sailboat racing season is upon us. Current projects include helping a friend re-rig his San Juan 21, selling our family's Venture 25, and various Laser and Thistle races. But the biggest news on this front is my entry into Star boat racing.

The Budd Inlet Star Fleet in Olympia Washington has about twenty active boats and one of the largest local fleets in the country. I have chartered a Star and will be racing it on Monday nights from now until early September. More details on my RaceOneDesign blog.